Friday, 19 June 2009

Betfair Poker Buddy

In order to improve as a poker player you must be prepared to learn and never stop learning as long as you shall play.

Take a look at Doyle Brunson, he's been playing poker for 60 years yet I can guarantee that he will still pick up tips and tricks during his daily grind.

One way to improve your play and makes sure you're continuously learning is to review your hand histories but I know how time consuming it can be to go through a huge text file to find key hands you have played.

Yes there is tracking software available that will record your hand histories but these after-market products, whilst very good in their own right, are not designed specifically for Betfair Poker and neither are the completely free of charge! That's right, totally free, you don't even have to earn a single Betfair Point!

Betfair Poker Buddy stores a complete database of all your hand histories in one place,m be they from Hold'em, Omaha, cash games or tournament play. By having all this data in one place it is much easier to track your results and analyse key hands you have played against specific players.

You can also quickly view your profit and loss for a session or over a particular period of time, nice and handy if you have had a prop bet with someone or if you want to prove you are indeed a winning player over a significant sample size.

You can download Poker Buddy for free at the bottom of the page that will open when you click here and there are more frequently asked questions on this page here.

Whilst all information given is as accurate as possible, the above text is written by Betfair Poker Guy and is not an official response from anyone connected with Betfair or their products