Friday, 12 June 2009

Bum hunting

Every now and again, something appears at every online poker table that really winds people up the wrong way. Over the past six or seven months all I have read on various forums is the problem of short-stackers in cash games and how they change the dynamic of the games but more recently people have spent most of their time complaining about bum hunting.

For those of you who aren't aware of what bum hunting is, I'll give you a brief description. Firstly, it doesn't actually involve any bums, bottoms or arses which will probably mean that the number of people who read the next paragraph has been halved!

Bum-hunting refers to heads up games where a number of players will open between four and ten heads-up cash tables and blankly refuse to play any of the other regulars and will only play against non-regular gambling players or bums.

You will probably have noticed on various sites that there are often 10-20 heads-up cash games open between the $3/$6 stakes and $10/$20 but actually only three or four actually running. This practice actually puts off the non-regulars from playing as they realise the players sat on several tables are probably decent players and therefore the games dry up quickly.

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