Monday, 15 June 2009

Free Million Dollar Game

Janet Jackson once sang that the best things in life are free and she must have been singing about the Free Million Dollar Game promotion that Betfair are currently running.

Everyday there are regional freerolls running where the top 18 players from each progress to a Weekly Regional Final. The winner of the weekly game then progresses to a live regional final where 2nd to 5th win cash prizes ranging from $1,500 to $250 and the winner wins a seat at the WSOPE Free Million Dollar Game.

Should you be lucky enough to win the live game you will be awarded with $1,000,000 (USD) for absolutely no layout! Prizes are also available for the remainder of the top four places in the live final ranging from a £10,000 entry to the WSOPE Main Event, a £5,000 entry to the WSOPE Pot-limit Omaha Event and also a £1,000 entry to the WSOPE No-limit Hold'em Event. If you finish in second-fourth you can request the cash equivilant should you so wish.

Each an every player is entitled to at least one entirely free entry to the Daily Qualifiers but once you have used your free entry you need to accumulate 100 Free Million Dollar Game (FMDG) points per entry. These are exactly the same as Betfair Points for all intents and purposes. More details can be found on the official WSOPE site.

As mentioned previously, the freerolls have been split into 15 regions, which one you can play in depends on the region you were in when you first joined Betfair, not just where you reside now. Below is a list of the regios and the qualifying countries within, some are self-explanitory, others have full descriptions:

United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
Ireland - Republic of Ireland (Eire)
DE/AUT/CH - Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Eastern Europe - Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia
Rest of the World (ROW)
Canada - Please visit here for Canadian's unique path to the final

15 Regions. 1 Live Final Table. 1 Millionaire

Whilst all information given is as accurate as possible, the above text is written by Betfair Poker Guy and is not an official response from anyone connected with Betfair or their products

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